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Photovoltaic Dedicated, Favotek "MS" family DC/DC converters

For photovoltaic or say solar energy applications

Solar energy is known as one of the most important clear energy. However, the scale of photovoltaic power generation is still very limited to the cost and relative technologies. Favotek, as promised "create for quality life" takes the lead in developing ultra wide input voltage range DC/DC converters for the photovoltaic application use.

Favotek "MS" family DC/DC converters featuring 200~1500VDC input voltage range, making them the ideal module to gather power from photovoltaic panels, or using the energy directly to turn the panel towards the sun.

Over the years, Favotek has expanded its photovoltaic converter portfolio up to 200W. Promote clean energy, and protect the environment is not just our promise. We are doing the research year to year, and bringing the best products to the market.